Nebraska's Brutally Honest Tourism Campaign

Category: Beyond IMTS December 17, 2019

What would you do if surveys rated your company dead last in the marketplace? The state of Nebraska found itself in that dubious position when a 2017 national survey by MMGY Global named Nebraska as the least-visited US state. After some hard thinking and brainstorming, Nebraska turned it around through an unusual and “against-common-wisdom” tourism campaign. Instead of reaching out to everybody, Nebraska took the controversial opposite approach of calling out people who are NOT their target market. The new campaign slogan? “Nebraska: Honestly, It's Not For Everyone.”

Join Steve Miller as he interviews John Ricks, Executive Director of the Nebraska Tourism Commission, about how they broke the rules and got through the inevitable internal battles every company goes through when trying to think out-of-the-box.

John Ricks is responsible for attracting, selling, and overseeing the development, implementation, and coordination of the state's tourism efforts.

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