How To Use 3D Mail To Grow Your Business

Category: Beyond IMTS September 10, 2019

Despite the omnipresence and overuse of online marketing, there are still many tried and true marketing tools that can deliver amazing results!

Maybe the most prominent and overlooked tools you should be using is good old DIRECT MAIL. Consider these facts:

  • We all still look at our mail everyday
  • We look at every piece of mail before deciding what to do with it
  • Because so many B2B companies have shifted their budgets to online, there is less competition in our mailbox

This makes direct mail an outstanding tool for almost every B2B company!

But we can make direct mail an even more powerful tool by turning it into 3D Mail. IMTS resident Marketing Gunslinger, Steve Miller, often refers to it as FAT MAIL.

The biggest fact of all – 3D Mail gets opened. And if you have an important message for the recipient, they will see that message.

Join Steve as he interviews one of the direct marketing industry’s top direct mail experts, Travis Lee, and learn how you can use 3D Mail to generate new, hot leads, and maintain long-term relationships!

Travis Lee is internationally known as the expert in getting direct mail delivered, opened and read. As co-founder and president of 3D Mail, he generates huge returns for thousands of businesses each year who use his innovative and effective marketing strategies. His unique, yet tested marketing methods have helped add millions of dollars in sales to a wide variety of businesses, from “kitchen-table-run” sole-proprietors, to National and Multi-National businesses mailing millions of pieces of mail a year.

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