What W. Edwards Deming Taught My Dad About Idea Generation

Category: Beyond IMTS January 14, 2020

You might not know this, but Steve Miller’s dad was co-inventor of the 8-track tape player with Bill Lear (of Lear Jet).

Something else you probably don’t know was that Lear brought W. Edwards Deming in as a consultant on this music industry breakthrough new product.

During this amazing collaboration, Deming shared a deeper understanding of one of his critical cornerstones of Total Quality Management — benchmarking. As he explained, there are actually TWO sides to this business practice. One is commonly used.

The second, however, is NOT commonly used. But as Deming advocated, that second side to benchmarking is actually the secret to brainstorming new ideas to grow and separate your business from the competition.

What is that powerful second side of benchmarking and how can you adopt it to your own company — both on the operations side, as well as on the marketing, lead generation, customer growth side of your business? Join Steve Miller at 11:00am ET January 14th for 2020’s kickoff to the IMTS monthly webinar series!


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