Cassie posed next to herself in the front of the Tooling Pavilion.
Cassie posed next to herself in the front of the Tooling Pavilion.

Catching up with Cassie after IMTS 2016

December, 2016

Orders to fulfill. Moving to a new facility to gain square footage. IMTS to attend. Cassie, vice president of Swiss Precision Machining (SPM), was beyond busy, when she arrived at IMTS 2016.

Despite pressing demands Cassie made time for the show. “Unfortunately, I could only attend the show for two days, but the show was remarkable as always,” she said.

Cassie covered as much territory as possible and made the most of her time on the show floor by honing in on what matters most to SPM customers.

Cassie and her team didn’t stop there. SPM made capital equipment purchases. “We got to make some final decisions at the show that will impact what’s on our shop floor,” Cassie said.

Beyond the tangible benefit of equipment purchases, Cassie saw her team get revved up from the IMTS experience. This year, SPM brought its largest group to IMTS as of yet, which included 12 employees, as well as a few interns.

Digitalization is what everyone is talking about,” Cassie said. “We are jumping SPM to the next level of transparency for the benefit of our customers. They’re asking for floor monitoring capabilities, and we’re working to provide it.

“It was refreshing to have so many from the SPM family attend IMTS,” Cassie noted. “They got energized from the show experience. With SPM’s increased IMTS involvement everyone here feels more empowered and has a sense of ownership.”

With an energized team and a newly expanded facility, SPM and Cassie continue to make this second-generation family business relevant and robust. Cassie concluded, “IMTS has made resources and opportunities available for SPM that we would be challenged to find anywhere else.”

Cassie’s enthusiasm is infectious. She’s already looking forward to IMTS 2018.

Gearing up for IMTS 2016

April, 2016

Through relentless drive and ambition, Cassandra “Cassie” Haupers aims to surpass family expectations. As a third generation manufacturer and future owner of Swiss Precision Machining (SPM), Cassie has some big shoes to fill. Without hesitation, she is ready and willing to meet that challenge.

Opened in 1979 by Cassie’s father, Mike Haupers, SPM has expanded to fulfill the needs of the medical, dental, aerospace, automotive and fiber optics industries. Growing up in the manufacturing world, Cassie wants to continue her family tradition and build the business for the next generation. IMTS — The International Manufacturing Technology Show is an integral part of that equation.

Close up photo of a small medical robot part produced on the Star SW-20 machine
The intricacies and complexity of this medical robot part is produced on SPM’s newest machine, a Star SW-20.

Cassie and her team visit the show to see the new technology and tools available on the market. “IMTS provides an invaluable platform to ascertain expertise and share forward-looking ideas,” said Cassie. At IMTS 2014, Cassie brought two engineers to the show and tasked each of them with finding two new technologies to implement in 2015. “These technologies didn’t have to be huge, but something new for us to try. They did it and are proud of what they’ve accomplished. To me, it’s important for our employees to know that changes aren’t limited to ideas from upper management. Anyone who has an idea can bring it to the table and make a difference.” After experiencing and identifying the possibilities, they leave the show energized and ready to innovate.


SPM’s drive to innovate has necessitated expansion. Now occupying an 87,000 sq. ft. space in Wheeling, Illinois, SPM outgrew their 29,000 sq. ft. facility in Niles. This recent expansion allows them to accommodate new technologies in the industry.

Much of the work in micro manufacturing requires machining extremely difficult materials to equally difficult tolerances. What has always set SPM apart from its competition is the team’s eagerness to take on challenges. “We thrive on complicated parts — the ones others turn away,” Cassie explains.

Cassie posing with her favorite machine, a Star SR-20III
A Star SR-20III is Cassie’s favorite machine. Cassie’s father, Mike Hauper started SPM by manufacturing dental tools, similar to what is being shown in this image.
Cassie with Tatiana Pavel and other Swiss Precisions Manufacturing employees
Cassie started working at SPM on the shop floor. Still today, she values her working relationships with SPM employees, especially Lead Floor Engineer Tatiana Pavel (second from left) and points to Tatiana as an important role model for women in manufacturing.

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