The World According To...

Jim King

President and COO of Okuma America

The president of Okuma America and valued customer ZYCI CNC Machining reflect on the speed of technology development and its effect on the future of manufacturing.

Larry Robbins

President – Commercial Division of SMW Autoblok Corp.

SMW Autoblok president Larry Robbins considers the world of manufacturing and the excitement that permeates an industry full of rapidly changing technologies.

Daniel Janka

President of Mazak Corporation

“Continuous” characterizes Janka's outlook on manufacturing, a world where people, innovation, improvement, and progress never cease. Janka envisions a horizon of endless potential. Hybrid and digital technologies – along with AI – present an expansive continuum of opportunities for the future.

Michael Defer

President and CEO of JTEKT Machinery Americas

“Change is inevitable” epitomizes Defer's outlook toward manufacturing technology. He relishes the unpredictability of opportunities, whether it's EVs, hybrids, automation, or the status quo in flux. As a leader, he sees his role as preparing his team to excel amid shifting paradigms, ensuring they thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Brian Such

President and COO of Marubeni | Citizen | Cincom

“Technology and training” are pivotal in propelling our world forward. While technology evolves rapidly, understanding and mastering it through training are essential for true progress, reliability, and service in manufacturing.

Ken Merritt

Chief Operations Officer of SolidCAM, Inc.

“Integrity” is championed by Merritt as the compass guiding our future. Merritt emphasizes the importance of seeking truth and aligning our actions accordingly, especially with customers, as we navigate the intricate relationship between integrity and technology.

Brian McMinn

Head of the Machine Tool Systems, Siemens

“Digital transformation” is the future. Brian envisions digital transformation as a journey, and he urges everyone to dive into the digital realm. He emphasizes the importance of engaging the younger generation and fostering an understanding that manufacturing is digitally oriented.

Erik Gershwind

President & CEO, MSC Industrial Supply Co.

From its humble origins in 1941 – cutting tools sold from the trunk of car – MSC Industrial Supply now carries over 2 million SKUs representing more than 3,000 suppliers. Through it all, the founder's principles continue to guide the company, now led by CEO Erik Gershwind, who feels optimistic that manufacturing will continue to power the economy.

Brendt Holden

President, Haimer USA

What is the world according to Brendt Holden? “Promising” captures Brendt's perspective on manufacturing as it presents endless potential and exciting opportunities. He encourages job shops to embrace advanced technologies because they&paos;re essential for completing the circle of digitalization and gaining maximum efficiency.

Michael Csizmar

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Horn USA, Inc.

“Opportunity is everywhere,” encapsulates Csizmar's optimistic perspective on the industry. By seamlessly merging Horn's engineering expertise with customer processes and ideas, Mike sees a path to unlocking significant growth and success.

Pat McGibbon

Chief Knowledge Officer, AMT

Pat McGibbon, AMT's Chief Knowledge Officer, shares his perspective and insight into the future of manufacturing – the innovations and forecasting in technology, automotive, aerospace, medical, and Pat McGibbon himself.