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Connectivity Increases Productivity in Manufacturing

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New technologies like the Internet of Things and the Connected Enterprise have the potential to help manufacturers improve productivity.

Companies that embrace new technologies are consistently more profitable than their competition, explained Todd Montpas, Market Development Manager for Rockwell Automation.

Montpas joined IMTSTV to chat about the Connected Enterprise and what it means for manufacturers. He noted that historically manufacturers have focused on operations within the four walls of a plant. Now, the technology is available to connect equipment into the larger business system and move information throughout the supply chain to quickly increase productivity.

In the past, implementation of these technologies has been hindered by traditional organizational structures. Montpas explained that IT departments were typically focused on business systems, while production departments focused on the shop floor. Those two disparate functions are increasingly uniting to improve both individual machine and overall operations.

While coordination between departments is essential, the single-most important factor in leveraging new technologies is support at the executive level, Montpas argued. Executives have to be committed to a broader focus on improving overall business operations—rather than simply concentrating on getting more parts out the door.

In the long run, the Connected Enterprise can help companies more effectively utilize assets to get products to market faster—resulting in more sales and more profits, Montpas said.

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