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Did You Say, “Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars”?

Category: Manufacturing Technology Nov 14, 2018

Longtime IMTS visitor Matt Guse, owner and president of MRS Machining, discovered three new technologies that will help his 47-employee manufacturing firm in Augusta, Wis., save tens of thousands of dollars.

IMTSTV correspondent Kathy Webster caught up with Matt this month to learn about his visit to IMTS 2018.

“Before visiting IMTS 2018, I made a list of 36 must-see exhibitors,” says Matt. “I was learning so much from the first 12 that I didn't have time to visit the other 24! I found three machine tool products/systems that will help my company save a ton of money.”

Matt was really impressed with the increased flexibility, function and mobility of robots. He is investigating several robotic makers, and he wants to purchase at least one that can easily move around his shop to help on a variety of machines. From loading and unloading to folding and packaging, robots will free machinists to do more skilled work. He hopes to select a robot from a company that will also donate a robot to the local high school's manufacturing program, Cardinal Manufacturing, which has provided MRS Machining with qualified employees for the past seven years.

Roller Burnishing Tool
A new burnishing tool that Matt found in the Monaghan Tooling Group booth will enable MRS Machining to burnish special custom shafts in house rather than sending parts out for grinding. With the new tool, MRS Machining will be able to deliver the shafts two to four weeks earlier, reduce tedious labor of unpacking and repacking and save “tens of thousands of dollars per year.”

Quality Vision System
As quality checks are becoming tighter and tighter, Matt was relieved to see that vision inspection systems have progressed. He is looking at now purchasing a quality vision system from Keyence, which will help his company’s inspection of parts and calibrate their gages. He thinks the system could save up to $10,000 per year.

Youngest & Most Diverse Crowd
“I definitely saw a lot more visitors from the younger generations, as well as more women working in booths and walking the show floor. I think our industry's efforts to encourage students to pursue careers in advanced manufacturing and dispelling myths about the industry are paying off.” Matt believes digital manufacturing will attract even more students because they have grown up and are comfortable with using technology in their daily life.

Support for Student Manufacturing Programs
As a board member of the American Center for Student-Run Manufacturing Businesses (ACSMB), Matt took time at IMTS 2018 to meet with business owners and leaders of school programs who want to replicate the Cardinal Manufacturing model that is successfully operating at Eleva Strum High School in Strum, Wisconsin. The mission of this nonprofit is to assist local school districts in starting student-run businesses, a program Matt believes has some unequaled benefits and proven results.

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