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Your IMTS Team is Still Here for You

Category: IMTS Apr 3, 2020

By Kathy Keyes Webster, AMT Exhibitions Content Manager – Correspondence

Hello IMTS community, you are inspiring!

We are encouraged by the actions you are taking to help the world conquer the coronavirus crisis, some of which are highlighted in a recent IMTS Insider article.

Your IMTS team continues to work, each from his or her home, per “social distancing” government orders. Although we are not in our AMT offices in McLean, Va., a suburb of Washington, D.C., we have transitioned easily to working remotely using video conferencing and connecting to our secure server.

While a virtual meeting can’t replace the energy that you feel in a room, from a handshake, or a face-to-face conversation, we are committed to connecting with each other and with you.

AMT, the owner and operator of IMTS, realizes this crisis is affecting everyone’s life and business. AMT’s new resource page for manufacturers offers updates on government actions, business strategies to manage the pandemic, and opportunities to help America fight the crisis. AMT believes that manufacturing will bounce back stronger and more engaged than we have seen in many years as the crisis requires us to think differently about supply chains and processes.

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We sincerely hope that your family, co-workers, and companies remain safe and healthy through this time.

Be well, be strong, and stay connected by contacting any of us on the IMTS team.  

The IMTS Team
Adam, Alex, Bill, Bonnie, Jessica, Jules, Kathy, Katie, Khalid, Mark, Martha, Matt, Mia, Michelle, Moni, Peter, Ramia, & Tom

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